About the Ferrater Mora Foundation

The Josep Maria Ferrater Mora Foundation was established shortly after the death of Ferrater Mora in 1991 precisely to "promote and perpetuate the writings, films, and thoughts and values espoused in the work of Josep Maria Ferrater Mora."

This purpose was achieved in part by the establishment of a library, including his own works as well as an extensive collection of books and journals, that was given to the Ferrater Mora Chair of Contemporary Thought at the University of Girona.

Later Ferrater Mora's collection of letters, numbering over 5,000, was given to the Ferrater Mora Chair, which plans to make them available to scholars. The index of these letters can be viewed on the web site of the Ferrater Mora Library.

The Foundation plans at some future date to give the Ferrater Mora Chair an extensive collection of personal letters. This collection includes, but is not limited to, letters from Renée Rosalie Petitsigne to Ferrater Mora and letters from Ferrater Mora to Priscilla Cohn.

The Foundation also has access to the films and photographs that Ferrater Mora took and a few recordings of him teaching or reading from his own books. Ferrater also left a large collection of recorded music and a "library" of video films he recorded or bought.

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