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The Novelist

Boira, a restaurant in Girona overlooking the river
1982: Claudia, mi Claudia
1986: Hecho en Corona
1988: El juego de la verdad
1989: Regreso del infierno
1991: La señorita Goldie
The Girl with the Blue Pocketbook
(English translation of chapter seven of Claudia, mi Claudia)

Two of Ferrater Mora's non philosophical activities, narrative writing and making movies, are perhaps more closely related than one might think. It took only five years for Ferrater Mora to transform the movie scripts reproduced in Cine sin filosofías into short stories appearing in Siete relatos capitales. Three years later, in 1982, Ferrater Mora's first novel, Claudia, mi Claudia, appeared. It is as if the transformation of the movie scripts into short stories gave Ferrater Mora the confidence to write the longer and more complex narrative of his novels. In the following nine years, he published four more novels. It was during a trip to Spain to publicize his last novel that he suffered his fatal heart attack. He had the pleasure, however, of holding his last novel in his hands before he died.

Hecho en Corona, El juego de la verdad and La señorita Goldie all take place in the imaginary country of Corona, an island off the east coast of the United States.