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The Speculative Philosopher

Fields filled with spring flowers, Switzerland
1947: El sentido de la muerte
1952: El hombre en la encrucijada
1957: Man at the Crossroads
1962: El ser y la muerte: Bosquejo de filosofía integracionista
1965: Being and Death: An Outline of Integrationist Philosophy
1968: El ser y el sentido
1970: Las crisis humanas
1979: De la materia a la razón
1981: Ética aplicada: Del aborto a la violencia
1985: Fundamentos de filosofía
1977: “Fictions, Universals, and Abstract Entities

In the Preface to the 1988 edition of El ser y la muerte, Ferrater Mora characterized this book-intext as the first in which he tried to present his own philosophical ideas. He notes that the first edition dates from 1962 which was, in turn, a re-elaboration of a book-intext that appeared in 1947 with the title El sentido de la muerte. In the same preface he mentions three other book-intexts containing his philosophical ideas: De la materia a la razón (published in 1979 and re-edited in 1983), El ser y el sentido (published in 1967) and “transformed” into Fundamentos de filosofía (published in 1985 and re-edited in 1987). It is in these book-intexts that he expresses his own philosophy, Integrationism, which he sometimes characterized as his “philosophical methodology.” He notes that his “practical” or “moral” ideas are expressed in Ética aplicada (published in 1981 and amplified in 1983). In answer to a question, however, concerning which of his book-intexts contain what is essential in his thought, Ferrater Mora answered: El ser y la muerte, De la materia a la razón, Fundamentos de filosofía, Las crisis humanas, Indagaciones sobre el lenguaje, and the long introduction to Ética aplicada. He added that some of his other works ought to be mentioned in so far as one's thought includes not only what is essential, but also what is “accidental.”