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The Ferrater Mora Foundation (Pennsylvania, USA) and the Ferrater Mora Chair of Contemporary Thought at the University of Girona (Catalonia, Spain) call for entries for the 1st Ferrater Mora Essay Prize.

  1. The prize will be awarded to the best original, unpublished essay on any aspect of Ferrater Mora's work (philosophy, literature, opinion journalism, cinematography, etc.).
  2. The amount of the prize is 6,000 euros.
  3. The winning work will be published in its original language and, in all cases, in English.
  4. The essay will be of a minimum of 150 pages, numbered and printed on one side of the page, with approximately 2,100 characters per page.
  5. Entries may be presented in Catalan, Spanish or English, in all cases with a 300 word abstract in English.
  6. Copies should be sent, in triplicate, to:
  7. Universitat de Girona
    Facultat de Lletres
    Càtedra Ferrater Mora
    Plaça Ferrater Mora, 1
    17071 Girona
    and a copy should also be sent (in Word format) to: dir.cfm@udg.es

  8. The deadline for entries is 31st July 2007.
  9. The international jury will announce its decision, which is final, at the end of October 2007. The prize may also be awarded ex-aequo or may not be awarded.

In the hope not only of introducing the thought of Ferrater Mora to English speaking people who may be unfamiliar with it, but also with the desire to produce a more complete picture of Ferrater Mora’s creativity and the scope of his work to readers who are already familiar with his ideas, this site presents some excerpts from Ferrater Mora’s published books and essays, a small sampling of his artistic creations--both photographs and movies--as well as information about his teaching and other interests that perhaps has not been so readily available as his publications. This site, then, should provide a good starting point for those who wish to learn about Ferrater Mora, for those who want to pursue his work further or for those who would like to investigate a particular aspect of his creativity.