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Awards, Honors, Distinctions, and Decorations

Doctor Honoris Causa

Autonomous University of Barcelona 1979
University of Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay 1983
University of Columbia, Bogatá, Columbia 1983
University of Tucumán, Argentina 1983
University of Salta, Argentina 1986
University at a Distance in Madrid 1986
University of Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina 1988
Central University of Barcelona 1988
University of Santiago de Compostella 1991 (posthumous award)

Distinctions, Decorations

Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation for Distinguished Teaching 1976
Cultural Merit, Spanish Government 1981
The Cross of Isabel la Católica 1982
Medal from the Menéndez y Pelayo International University , Santander, Spain 1982
The Great Cross of Alfonso el Sabio 1984
Cross of Sant Jordi, Generalitat de Catalunya 1984
The Prince of Asturias Prize 1985
Special Recognition, ALDEEU 1987
Ferrater Mora Chair of Contemporary Thought, University of Girona 1989
Plaça de Josep Ferrater i Mora, Girona, Spain 1993
Calle Josep Ferrater i Mora, Barcelona, Spain 1996

Honorary Member

International Institute of Philosophy
Hispanic Society of America1965
North American Academy of the Spanish Language 1982
The Spanish Academy1983
Miguel Lillo Foundation, Argentina1983
Academy of Chile1987

Special Guest

XIII International Congress of Philosophy, Mexico 1963
President, International Symposium on Logic and Philosophy of Science, Valencia 1971
National Congress of Philosophy, Morelia, Mexico 1974
National Congress of Philosophy, Guanajuato, Mexico 1981
Government of Argentina 1985, 1986, 1988

Prizes for Individual Books

"Concepció Rabell," Les formes de la vida catalana, Santiago, Chile 1943
Nadal Prize Finalist, El juego de la verdad 1987

Publications and Symposia
(see also Bibliography)

Transparencies: Philosophical Essays in Honor of J. Ferrater Mora, P. Cohn (ed) 1981
José Ferrater Mora: El hombre y su obra, S. Giner, E. Guisan (eds) 1994
Anthropos #49 1985
Symposium on the Philosophy of José Ferrater Mora, Bryn Mawr College 1981
Homage to a Humanist, University of Syracuse 1983
Memorial, Madrid, Spain 1991
Homage to Ferrater Mora, University of Girona 1991
Memorial, Bryn Mawr College 1992
Josep Ferrater Mora, "From Barcelona to Bryn Mawr," University of Girona 1992

Grants and Fellowships

Guggenheim Fellowship 1947-48; 1948-49
Senior scholar of the American Council of Learned Societies 1960-61
Fellow of the March Foundation

Visiting Professor

Princeton University 1957-58
John Hopkins University 1962-63
Temple University 1967-68
First holder of the Juan Carlos Chair, New York University 1987
Autonomous University of Madrid
Autonomous University of Barcelona
University of Palma Mallorca

Movie Awards

First Prize, "Movies on a Shoestring"
One of best "underground" films by audience vote, Philadelphia

Suit of Night
Honorable Mention:
Photographic Society of America, Motion Picture Division

Skin of the Earth
Honorable Mention:
Photographic Society of America, Motion Picture Division

Venice 23
Certificate of Appreciation:
Metropolitan Motion Picture Club

Lux Perpetua
Cinematography Award
Silver Medal
Best Travel Film Award
Photographic Society of America, Motion Picture Division

Special Recognition
One Star Exhibitor (100 points)
Photographic Society of America, Motion Picture Division
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