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This web site is intended to allow English speaking people a chance to be better acquainted with the thought of Ferrater Mora, to give people of Spanish descent living in the United States an idea of their cultural heritage and to allow Spanish speaking people around the world, who may be quite familiar with Ferrater Mora’s philosophical writings, a glimpse of his photographs and movies. In general, this site will attempt to supply some information about Ferrater Mora that may not be readily available from other sources, and in a very few cases, to correct errors or mistakes that have been published.

We invite former students, friends and colleagues to add their comments, criticisms, reminiscences and shared experiences, as well as to point out any omissions or to supply or correct any dates that might appear in these pages. Perhaps someone has old photographs that he or she would like to share or has copies of old essays long forgotten that Ferrater published in his youth. We would particularly appreciate material from his early life in Spain or his years in Cuba and Chile. We welcome questions and hope we can answer them. We encourage you to send us news of meetings, conferences, study groups or publications on Ferrater Mora’s thought as well as announcements concerning exhibitions of his photographs or movies.

The launching of this site represents the completion of what might be called Phase 1. There is a great deal of material still to be added, including a number of reviews of Ferrater’s books, a list of videos in his personal “video library,” some more movie footage, clips from some filmed interviews, and perhaps some translations from Spanish into English or vice versa.

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