About the Ferrater Mora Website

Inver House Barn, Wayne PA

The Josep Ferrater Mora Foundation takes pride in presenting the Ferrater Mora website. The purpose of the Foundation is identical with the goal of this site: to keep alive the thoughts and ideas as well as the artistic achievements of José Ferrater Mora and to present him as the very alive, witty, caring, and splendid human being that he was.

It is difficult to give a “typical” sampling of Ferrater Mora’s intellectual, artistic, and creative work because his output was so prodigious and varied, his originality so striking, and his knowledge so vast. Furthermore, it is not easy to categorize Ferrater Mora’s thought for he was never a part of any of the various philosophical mainstreams that enable one to identify a philosopher’s thought with relative ease. Similarly, it is difficult to describe Ferrater Mora’s photographs and movies for they are marked by his vision of the world and reflect his personal style, making it difficult to place them in traditional categories. In attempting to give an authentic sampling of his work, this website attemps the impossible.

Material will be added from time to time in an effort to capture Ferrater Mora’s thoughts more faithfully, to show the development of his ideas, and to correct any omissions. Additional commentaries and criticisms from people who knew Ferrater Mora or his work will also be added. This website is; therefore, and will be, a continuing effort.

Special thanks to Sandra H. Conder and Marta Masergas for their meticulous work on this site.

All comments not otherwise identified are by P. Cohn.