How To Use This Website

The breadth and depth of information contained in this website is enormous; hence some explanation of the design elements may help users navigate through the material.


We have attempted, as much as possible, to adhere to the formats of previously published works. While the site reflects Ferrater Mora's fluency in numerous foreign languages, we adhere to The Chicago Manual of Style for English text and to the editor for Catalan.

Subject Categories

Information is arranged by 16 major subject categories. Introductions to each major category have been written by P. Cohn.


A site-wide table of contents appears in the upper right corner of each page. Move your mouse to highlight a link in red, then click to follow the link to a main subject category, or the home page.

The major subject category is displayed in the upper-left of each page. On the main page for each subject, the name appears in black. On subsection pages, the major subject category is displayed in blue and is a link back to the main subject page.

To navigate within a subsection, follow the links in the upper left-hand corner of the page.

Book covers

Links to book excerpts available on the website are located to the right of the cover image. When browsing excerpts from a book, a thumbnail of the book cover is displayed in the upper left corner and links back to the front of the book.

Color Scheme:

Text. Major subject category headings and current location.
Dark Blue.
Visited links
Light Blue, underlined
Unvisited links.
Light Blue, not underlined
Books not currently available on website.
Attention (used in rollovers)

Special Sections:

The Site Map is a hierarchical display of all the pages on the site.

Critique & Commentary contains links to all specific critique and commentary found under the major subject categories, as well as general commentary on Ferrater Mora's work.

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